Guy Saget

Main Regions:
Muscadet, Loire Valley, France
Pouilly Fumé, Loire Valley, France
Sancerre, Loire Valley, France


Bottle prices range from:
$16.00 - $34.99


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From the Winery

In the 60s, at a time when a certain weariness seizes every winemaker in Pouilly (trading difficult, spring frosts renewed, prices still falling), Guy Saget directed its marketing strategy to sell its production in bottles . At that time, Pouilly-sur-Loire had a strong gourmet reputation. Innovator of all kinds, passion in his soul, he has worked as a winemaker, marketer and manager of music. The winemaker had two sons: Jean-Louis and Christian. Both followed step by step through the meandering paths of vineyards where they learn very young to love the vineyards of Pouilly.

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