Definition of Terms:

Winery Booths:
We search high and low for the best and most diverse wineries. Some produce only a few barrels and others millions, but we want to put hundreds of wines from around the world in one room so you can sample the wares and chat with the folks that know them best.
Crash Courses:
Drop in for a quick, 20-minute sit down with some of the coolest producers in the world. Taste your way through Portugal, guess the price of a bottle from California or learn all about German Riesling in one of these free mini seminars.
Mobile App:
Download our free app (available for iPhone and Android) to help navigate the event and remember all the wines you loved. Check out the top wines at the event or take a guided tour of the booths, like Bring on the Bubbly.
Rally your friends, put on a goofy hat and hit the photo booth! Ringmasters Tommy B and Mike Ritter will be sure to get your good side before you tweet, email or Facebook your photo live from the event.
Temporary Tattoos:
These are some bitchin’ tats, custom designed by the talented Miss Holly Gordon. Slap one on your arm, knuckles or consider more daring frontiers. Go ahead and make a decision you will only temporarily regret.
GoVino Wine Glasses:
These recyclable bad boys are stemless, shatterproof, plastic glasses. Yes, plastic, and they f-ing rock. They’re made of high-end medical grade plastic right here in the US, and they’re yours to keep. We guarantee you’ll be impressed.
DJ Andie Cassette rocks a killer soundtrack to your Wine Riot experience. We don’t play no smooth jazz hits, her beats will have your head bobbing as you strut from booth to booth all night.
Delicious munchies start at just $5 a pop, because you're gonna need some food to go with all that rioting. We’ve scoured the city for the tastiest eats to carb you up while you get your wine on.