Exhibiting at Wine Riot

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Young consumers are an elusive bunch but the fact is that Millennials, the under 35 crowd, are leading the growth in the wine industry. Over 24 million Millennials regularly drink wine and they represent 23% of the total wine consumption in the US. The problem is that 27% of Millennial drinkers reported they “never know what to buy” and 24% of all drinkers are too “overwhelmed” to buy wine.

That’s where Second Glass comes in. Priced at $50-60, Wine Riot is an educational event that puts your wine in the glasses of thousands of young, wine-interested consumers. Our mobile app lets every attendee remember their wines forever, points them to retail locations and even shows which wines their Facebook friends like. In 2011 this technology was used by 35% of Wine Riot attendees to rate, on average, 16 wines each. Wine Riot is more than an initial connection to Millennial consumers - coupled with our technology, we can turn each Wine Riot attendee into a megaphone for your brand.

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Interested in exhibiting at Wine Riot?