Yellow+Blue Monastrell

Jumilla, Spain

Past vintages: 2009 |
Price: $12.00
Style: Red
Grape Blend: Monastrell


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From the Winery

A total party in a glass, the Monastrell from Yellow+Blue is a unique and super delish red wine that's also super eco-friendly, too, made from hand-picked organic and biodynamic grapes & sold in Tetra Paks.

More about Yellow+Blue

Let’s begin with Yellow+Blue. When you mix the two together, you get green — as in environmentally conscious, forward thinking and committed to positive change. Are you with us? Good. With the high cost of fossil fuel driving up the cost of shipping, we saw the price of good imported wines rising out of range for the average buyer. In our search for a way to lower these costs for quality-conscious wine drinkers, we found a solution that is also great for the environment. Then we got a little “greener” by partnering with organic wineries that use only traditional, natural winemaking processes. The result? Great tasting, certified organic wine that’s better for the planet and available at a great price. In fact, award-winning wine blogger Dr. Tyler Colman called our 2007 Malbec “a crazy-good value.” And to think it all began when an experienced wine importer had an idea that just might change the world…one box at a time.

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Olivares’ estate vineyard, Finca Hoya de Santa Ana, is located in Jumilla’s northwestern quadrant, whose unique characteristics distinguish it from the rest of the appellation. For example, this special zone lies at over 800 meters elevation, where nights cool down quickly, resulting in wines with astounding freshness and equilibrium. But, perhaps more importantly, Paco’s 65 hectare here boasts incredibly sandy soil and ungrafted vines, of which this may be the world’s largest individual holding. The former provides the wine with a rich perfume; the latter depth and complexity.
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