Vesevo Beneventano Falanghina

Campania, Italy

Past vintages: 2011 | 2009 |
Style: White
Type: Still


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More about Vesevo

The Campania wines were much sought after by the high classes of Patrician Rome until the dreadful eruption of Mount Vesuvio that everyone believed would put an end to all local cultivation. Throughout the centuries, the inhabitants were given back all that had been taken away from them two thousand years before. All the lava crumbled and gradually turned into a very fertile land that was rich in minerals that were fundamental for the growing of wine grapes of unique complexity and fineness. To pay homage to Mount Vesuvio, that made the history of the Parthenopean territory in good times and bad times, we decided to name our company VESEVO, after the ancient name of the vulcano. Thanks to the favourable condition of the land and the microclimate, our winemakers and agronomists have carried out a careful selection of the best vineyards so as to choose the best time of the year for harvesting and make the wines from the best grapes. Now all the modern technology and winemaking experience enable Vesevo to produce wines that embody the best interpretation of thousands of years of winemaking tradition.