Simply Naked Moscato

California, USA

Past vintages: 2012 | 2011 |
Style: White
Type: Still


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Sutter Home
The history of Sutter Home Winery dates back to the late 1800's, when a Swiss-German immigrant named John Thomann established a small winery and distillery in the heart of California's Napa Valley. Although much has changed for the Trincheros and Sutter Home, the motto and philosophy originated by their father more than a half-century ago remains the same: "A great product for a fair price."
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Red Tree
Redtree offers consumers fresh, fruit forward, distinctive varietals of consistent quality and exceptional value that are ready for immediate consumption. These wines are ideal as an aperitif and complement everyday meals as well as special occasions. We bring Global Winemaking expertise and resources, focusing those resources on what the US market demands: a fruit forward wine style, consistent quality and excellent quality for value. We are small enough to provide outstanding service, while big enough to bring the world of wine to our portfolio - authentic, bold, organic and progressive.
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Wicked Good
Wicked Good, a uniquely New England term, is the only true description we felt could accurately represent these fine wines. And why wouldn’t it? We combine only hand-picked grapes from the best vineyards to make our wines. The concept of Wicked Good wines is simple. We don’t want you to worry about varietal percentages and vintage dates or specific geography. We want to make the best possible wine out there for the best possible price. All you need to know is that its good wine — Wicked Good wine.
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Few wineries can boast an appellation all to themselves, but Langtry Estate & Vineyards in the picturesque Guenoc Valley of Lake County, just north of the Napa Valley, has the unusual distinction of being the only vineyard owner and winery in the region. While Langtry has enjoyed significant critical success with its Lake County Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, the winery has emerged as one of the top producers of two of the hottest varietal wines on the market today, Petite Sirah and Sauvignon Blanc.
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90+ Cellars
90+ Cellars is not like most other wineries. We don’t make a single drop of wine ourselves. Instead, we offer a small portfolio of high-end wines at everyday prices through a business model that transforms wine market inefficiencies into better value for fine wine consumers. 90+ Cellars converts excess capacity and oversupply at award winning wineries into wine bottled under the 90+ Cellars label, which wine lovers can purchase for less. 90+ Cellars was created in 2009 when founder Kevin Mehra and co-founder Brett Vankoski discovered surplus inventories of premium wine due to decreased consumer spending as the global economy headed into recession. They purchased excess inventory, had it bottled with the 90+ Cellars label and sold it for less than the source bottle price. 90+ Cellars converted market inefficiencies into value for both winemakers and consumers by enabling wineries to sell their oversupply without diluting the value of their brand, and offering consumers an upscale wine for less money. Since then, the people at 90+ Cellars have traveled the world on a mission to provide wine lovers with a way to enjoy their favorite wine more often, and to discover their next favorite.
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Round Hill
Round Hill offers California’s most popular varietals sourced from premium Monterey Coast and Central Valley vineyards. Fruit forward flavor and consistent quality are the hallmarks of these wines. They are crafted to be approachable in style and price for the casual enthusiast yet meet the demanding standards of the most experienced palate. As with all the family wines, Round Hill is sustainably grown using the most eco-friendly viticultural practices.
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