Oreana Syrah

Santa Barbara County, California, USA

Past vintages: 2007 |
Price: $25.00
Style: Red
Type: None
Grape Blend: Syrah


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More about Oreana

The name Oreana comes from the grand ranching days of California’s Central Coast. Oreana is a term used by cattle ranchers for an unbranded calf that strays onto your property and is therefore yours to keep. Think of it as found treasure or the renegade spirit of this beautiful region and the wines we produce here. Oreana Winery is known for two things - great wines and fabulous parties. From small batches of Pinot Noir to our sizeable Red Table Wine, Oreana has a wine for everyone. Current production is about 10,000 cases but some lots are as small as 20 cases. Our award winning Pinot program and Sparkling wines continue to generate rave reviews from Wine Spectator, the Wall Street Journal and Wine Enthusiast. We are never too busy to have a good time and all that time spent listening to the grape press and waiting for wine to age gives us lots of opportunities to come up with weird ideas for parties. Previous celebrations have included: Cinema in the Cellar featuring Jaws & King Kong, an Evening of Sea Shanty talent show, The Beaver Moon Harvest Party, the annual RocktoberFest concert series, Weiners & Wine Hot Dog extravaganza, and one time when a guy just played the bagpipes. It was standing room only…

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