Ontanon Reserva

Rioja, Spain

Past vintages: 2004 |
Price: $24.99
Style: Red
Grape Blend: Tempranillo


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From the Winery

Reservas are produced only in vintages of exceptional quality, and the Ontanon Reserva comes from our most select vineyards on the slopes of the Sierra Verga Mountains, just above the town of Quel in Rioja baja. The product of some of our oldest vines, Ontanon Reserva displays notes of deep, full fruit flavors but with ample acidity, minerality and earth notes drawn from the land where the fruit is grown. It has backbone, fine-laced acidity, structure and natural grape tannins that that will ensure its integrity for years to come. Drink our Reserva with lamb, roast pork, game, mushroom risotto and meat-based pasta dishes.

More about Ontanon

Bodega Ontanon is a multi-generation, family-owned winery located in Rioja baja. Our 250 hectares (~620 acres) of vineyard land sit high in the Sierra Yerga Mountains outside of the township of Quel, which has been one of Rioja’s outstanding winemaking centers for three centuries. We take great pride in maintaining these vineyards in the most sustainable manner possible, as it is our land that sustains the family heritage and tradition in wine. Our motto is: “Passion for the vine, passion for wine and passion for art.”

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