Luna Vineyards Luna Pinot Grigio

Napa Valley, California, USA

Past vintages: 2008 |
Price: $11.99
Style: White
Grape Blend: Pinot Grigio


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More about Luna Vineyards

Want to know the real secret of the world's best wines? Soul. Soul that comes from the vineyard—the soil, the sun, the rain—and the winemaker's hands. At Luna, we not only have access to amazing vineyard sites throughout Napa Valley, we also use handcrafted, artisanal techniques for picking, sorting, and crushing the fruit, and beautiful French oak barrels for aging it. At the end of each harvest, as the last of the fruit makes its way to the barrel, it's really satisfying to know that we have made it possible for the wine to tell its own story.

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