Loredan Gasparini Prosecco

Veneto, Italy

Past vintages: NV |
Price: $15.99
Style: White
Type: Sparkling
Grape Blend: Prosecco


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More about Loredan Gasparini

Our territory is a beautiful work of nature that we try to respect in many ways while consuming only energy from renewable sources, and increasingly limiting the environmental impact of our human activity. Our love for wine is something that is irrational from the bottom of our hearts. Our passion for quality is a voltage that is rational and continues to search for an ideal wine, which is not intended as an expression of style absolute end in itself, as a unique terroir: that of Venegazz├╣. Our terroir is a synthesis of the endless interactions with the environment we living beings who inhabit it, with all our traditions. A balance of power and energy characteristics of a defined place, unique and unrepeatable.