Longhurschlong Reserve Riesling

California, USA

Past vintages: 2009 |
Style: White
Grape Blend: Riesling


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More about Longhurschlong

We know what you're thinking, you're shocked to discover that someone has created a white wine with this kind of length and structure. Longhurschlong Riesling from California is a wine that people will notice. The earth has a way of imparting characteristics unique to its location, and when you taste a Longhurschlong Riesling you know where it comes from. Our big, California grapes are picked under a cover of darkness to preserve their fullness and flavor. Enjoy Longhurschlong Riesling alone, with very close friends, or people you barely know. We think you'll find that this is a wine that stands up nicely to any pairing. Be sure and ask for Longhurschlong by name and grab one today.

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