JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

Paso Robles, California, USA

Past vintages: 2008 |
Price: $26.00
Style: Red
Type: Still
Grape Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon


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More about JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery

In addition to our home estate vineyard planted in 1981, JUSTIN has expanded its vineyard acreage by working with a handful of select growers in the Paso Robles appellation. Long standing partnerships with our team of quality growers have yielded World Class results. The Paso Robles appellation encompasses more than 600,000 acres and is the largest stand alone AVA in California. Numerous distinctions exist within the overall appellation and to highlight those differences, eleven “sub-appellations” were proposed in 2007. Each of the vineyards and growers that we work with are unique, together we are the foundation for JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery. Learn more about these vineyards and the people behind them by clicking on the map or following the links below.

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At Kiamie Wine Cellars our goal is singular: we blend distinctive westside Paso Robles vineyards into wines of expression and uncompromising quality.
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Chronic Cellars
The concept of Chronic Cellars came about in the midst of harvest in 2004. We had used the term “The Chronic” to describe likable objects before, but we had never considered it a suitable descriptor for wine. We sat alongside the crush pad one evening in our wine stained clothes and wet boots laughing about the idea of a wine that targeted a casual lifestyle. Jake and I were raised in the heart of Paso Robles wine country. Wine and the art of wine making have been apart of our lives since the early 80's. After graduating from college we both returned to Paso Robles and joined the team at Peachy Canyon Winery. After a decade each of immersing ourselves in all aspects of the wine industry we decided to do our own project. We wanted to try something new and put the tools we have gathered to work on our dream. We had a vision and a desire to make our statement in the wine industry that we could not deny. After four years we took our first step toward Chronic Cellars.
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In the span of two dozen years, Niels and Bimmer have gone from making a few barrels of wine for family and friends in a rented corner of someone else's winery to developing a custom-crush operation and a 60,000-case operation for Castoro Cellars. Most recently, the Udsens purchased two local vineyards, one aptly named “Hog Heaven” after the wild hogs that inhabit the area. The second vineyard, "Blind Faith," got its name when the opportunity to buy the vineyard arose. Niels’ wife Berit, or "Bimmer," was in Denmark at the time. Niels called her and together they acted quickly on “blind faith".
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Vines on the Marycrest
Located on 26 acres of steep hills in the westside of Paso Robles, Vines on the Marycrest was established in 2004 as the dream of owner and winemaker, Victor Abascal. This small production, family-owned, boutique winery & vineyard makes award-winning Rhone blends and Zinfandel. Victor and his wife Jennifer are passionate about Paso Robles wines. With its dry hot days, cool nights and limestone soils, Paso Robles lends itself particularly well to growing premium Zinfandel and the Rhône grape varieties. They believe their wines should be an artfully creative accompaniment to a delicious meal shared with friends.
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