Domaine La Perriere Chinon Cabernet Franc

Chinon, Loire Valley, France

Past vintages: 2009 |
Price: $19.99
Style: Red
Type: Still
Grape Blend: Cabernet Franc


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Rémy Pannier
Rémy Pannier is the Loire Valley's single largest wine producer, accounting for about 15% of all Loire Valley wine production, with markets in over 40 countries worldwide. In the early 1990s, Rémy Pannier, which had long operated as a négoçiant concern, moved toward becoming a producer. Since 2002, Remy Pannier has been directly owned by its alliance of grape growers and vineyard owners. Rémy Pannier has been identified with premium quality Loire Valley wines since 1885, when it was founded by François Rémy, who developed it into a prosperous local négoçiant concern, buying, blending, bottling and selling Loire Valley wines. François was succeeded by his son, Louis, whose wife, Marie Pannier, provided the second part of the company’s name. Louis, in turn, was succeeded by his son Maurice, an engaging, adventurous man who is credited with generating a widespread following for Rémy Pannier wines in France and the development of new markets abroad. Maurice’s heirs retained a stake in the company until selling it in early 2002. Rémy Pannier’s headquarters are located at St.-Hilaire-St.-Florent near Saumur on the banks of the Thouet, a tributary of the Loire. Facilities include eight miles of underground cellars carved out from the chalk hills, an ideal environment for storing wine. Lead winemaker Karine Huibant, assisted by four full-time laboratory staff, oversees winemaking.
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Wilfrid Rousse
Wine-grower collecting on a surface of 18 hectares, I settled in 1987 with 1 hectare, for a passion of a wine to the confluence of the Loire and Vienna. I cultivate the vines spread over different soils wich make up the Chinon "Appellation Contrôlée" This diversity of soils allow each "cuvée" correspond to a distinct "Terroir" : Sand-gravels, chalky-clayey, silicious-clayey. The age of the wines varied between 3 and 90 years with a dentisy of 5 000 vines per hectare. Grape variety : 100% Cabernet Franc. Pruning : Guyot pruning. Cabernet Franc, king of Loire, gives fruity, complete, well-structured, ample wines. The care of the vines is very important. The pruning, ploughing ans grass growing between the vines concentrate the goodness of the soil into what are necessarily small yields. Our yoelds is around forty five hectolitres per hectares. To maintain the microbic life of the exceptional land we carry out reasonable form of agriculture wich respects the enrivonment. We vinify each parcel separately depending on the type of wine us intend to make Temperature control to maintain gentle respectful fermentation process Treading (pigeage) to extract the intense colour (color), the aromas and the tannins. The wine is estated bottles. The production is order 60 000 bottles.
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