Domaine des Nouvelles Rose d'Anjou

Anjou, Loire Valley, France

Past vintages: 2009 |
Price: $9.99
Style: Rose
Type: Still
Grape Blend: Cabernet Franc, Gamay


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Located in Martigné-Briand, in the most common grape growing region of Anjou, Domaine Matignon has been family operated for three generations. It covers 38 hectares with vines planted in varied soils. The harvest is done by the philosophy of rational control. All our wines are grown, produced and nurtured by our own care. Helen and Yves, brother and sister, are pleased to discover they are driven by the same passion.
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Cave des Vignerons de Saumur
Known since the Gallo-Roman, the Cave de Saumur has seen its reputation prove itself over the centuries. Over time, man carried their experience down the the Loire river and spread their know-how from one country to another and from each era to the next. From the late eleventh century, the Loire is was frequented traveled by merchant ships who discovered Anjou and Saumur. Under the influence of the Plantagenets, the wines of Saumur were shipped to the English court where these products were highly appreciated. Then the Dutch up the Loire, rediscovered the wines of Saumur and revive this lucrative market.
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