Domaine des Herbauges Côtes de Grandlieu sur Lie ‘’Classic’’ Muscadet

Muscadet, Loire Valley, France

Past vintages: 2010 |
Price: $15.99
Style: White


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Guilbaud Frères
Descended from a long line of wine-growers and local personalities, Edouard and Marcel Guilbaud founded Guilbaud Frères in 1927. They devoted themselves to providing and guaranteeing quality products. A second and then a third generation have since perpetuated this illustrious mission, according it the same rigorous attention, and abiding by the family motto for taking wine and tradition seriously.
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Guy Saget
In the 60s, at a time when a certain weariness seizes every winemaker in Pouilly (trading difficult, spring frosts renewed, prices still falling), Guy Saget directed its marketing strategy to sell its production in bottles . At that time, Pouilly-sur-Loire had a strong gourmet reputation. Innovator of all kinds, passion in his soul, he has worked as a winemaker, marketer and manager of music. The winemaker had two sons: Jean-Louis and Christian. Both followed step by step through the meandering paths of vineyards where they learn very young to love the vineyards of Pouilly.
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Henri Poiron
In 1947, the Henri Porion family, and more specifically, Monsieur and Madame Poiron, were among the first of their région to develop and establish direct sales of their Muscadet wines via export. Today, true to family tradition, their son Eric Poiron, graduate of the Beaune School of Viticulture, carries into the 21st Century that fantastic lineage and héritage which he shares. Like father, like son, the family company carefully cultivâtes two properties : Domaine des Qautre Routes situated in Maisdon sur Sevre and Domaine du Manoir, situated in la Chapelle Heulin. Domaine des Quatre Routes, nestled in one of the finest hillsides between the rivers Sevre et Maine, produces fine, light and fruity wines. Directly in the hearth of the Nantes région, in the charming village of La Chapelle Heulin, Domaine du Manoir can be found. Thanks to quality soil and exceptional exposure of its vineyard, the wines are fruity and fragrant. Into this enchanting setting, Eric Poiron welcomes you for a visit of the vineyards, winery and cellar. You will find the marvellous Domaine des Quatre Routes, Domaine du Manoir as well as Château des Grandes Noëlles and Fief Giraud Muscadets delightful. As you listen to their interesting histories, you will also be tasting and enjoying their wines, be it Gros Plant de Nantes, or the traditionally produced sparkling wine. But maybe you prefer a rosé, perhaps a red wine – the choice, between a gamay or a Cabernet, is yours… Into this warm and friendly setting, we welcome you to The House of Henri POIRON !
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