Domaine de Nerleux Les Loups Noirs Saumur Champigny

Saumur Champigny, Loire Valley, France

Past vintages: 2009 |
Price: $18.99
Style: Red


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Château de Targé
After celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Château de Targé, we now want to show the unexplored potentials of our terroirs. We diversify our methods and processes for making the wine and for growing the vines, and get more wines out of it. In 1998, “Les Fresnettes” (White Saumur Blanc) joined the classics – Traditional Cuvée and Cuvée Ferry (Red Saumur-Champigny). In 2004, we started the Quintessence de Targé (AOC Saumur-Champigny) with the advices of one of the greatest French winemakers, Pierre Seillan. We already received five medals out of the three first vintages. The Rose de Targé was launched in 2006, and the Coteaux de Targé in 2007 (sweet white wine). Finally, you will be able to taste our two new sparkling wines in the year to come, one white and one rosé. We hired decorator Daniel Kiener for the development of the gîte de charme of the property, which since 2008 permits to our guests to discover the region.
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