Claude Lafond Reuilly

Reuilly, Loire Valley, France

Past vintages: 2007 |
Price: $20.00
Style: Red


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More about Claude Lafond

Claude Lafond is probably the most dynamic producer in the Quincy/Reuilly region. The estate was created by his father, André, in the 1960s when they had 2.5ha of vines. Today there are 15ha – 9ha of Sauvignon, 2.5ha of Pinot Gris used to make rosé and 3.5ha of Pinot Noir. In Reuilly Claude also runs the Domaine des Seigneurs which was set up in 1987 with 136 shareholders with the intention of revitalising the Reuilly appellation that had declined dramatically in area. Claude is also involved with the vineyard of Château Gaillard, which he and the château's owner set up 1999. They have just under 2ha of Sauvignon and a tiny amount of Pinot Noir.

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