Cave De Sancerre Sancerre

Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

Past vintages: 2008 |
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Style: White


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In the heart of the Berry area, Sancerre is the flagship of the wines of the Valley of Loire. The vineyard spreads over 15 communes, that is to say 2700 hectares which represents 80% of Sauvignon and 20% of Pinot noir grape variety. The soil is made up of three types of grounds, the “terres blanches” (white earth), the “caillottes” (very calcareous earth) and the clay-siliceous soils. Thanks to the grapes coming from all these villages and all these types of soils, we realize superb blendings.

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Domaine Cherrier & Fils
The Cherrier family has been a proprietor in Sancerre for three generations. In addition to twenty-five acres of Sauvignon Blanc and 2.5 acres of Pinot Noir vineyards, the Cherriers are among the best producers of the famous goat cheese, Crottins de Chavignol. Sancerre is situated at an altitude of 350 meters. The vineyards are set in a harmonious landscape of gently contoured hills dominated by the picturesque medieval town of Sancerre. The vineyards at Sancerre occupy a beautiful setting. The dry, limestone soils of the area are known locally as caillottes. on higher ground, more limestone soils of the type locally caleld terres blances, belonging to the same stage of the Jurassic period as the finest soils of Chablis, are found. These limestone soils give a supple structure to the wines of Sancerre. Around Sancerre itself, the soils are clayey and siliceous. primarily, traditional vinification methods are used in Sancerre but some developments have been made in the choice of equipment, casks, and vats. The most successful advance made in Sancerre has been the ability to control fermentation temperatures. Cherrier's vinification is classic white win fermentation in enameled cement vats, and bottling is done early to preserve the fruit.
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