Jake M.

Drunken munchies
You do not have enough mozzarella sticks

The wine that got you into wine
Giant bottles of Yellowtail's Shiraz

If I could only drink one wine forever
Cappupinocinotage! Coffee flavored wine = yum

Current watering hole
Parish Cafe on Tremont

After too much wine I talk endlessly about
Wine. It's a problem.

When not drinking wine you can find me
Sipping five or six cups of coffee

Most recently at: Wine Riot Boston 2013 - Spring


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Style: red

Tasted at event: Wine Riot Boston



2009 Andrew Quady Elysium

USA, California, Madera

If you like Whelch's grape juice..well..this is pretty much the same stuff.

he liked it!


2009 Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon

USA, California, Napa Valley

Nice light chocolate flavor on the finish. Seriously tasty! Pair it with a burger or any tastier cut of meat.

he loved it!


2009 Oyster Bay Merlot

New Zealand, Hawke's Bay

Merlot for the non-merlot drinker. It's got some real flavor, isn't too dry, and delivers a little something for everyone.

he loved it!


he loved it!


he loved it!


he liked it!


he loved it!


he loved it!


he loved it!