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2009 Westport Rivers Pinot Noir Rose

USA, Massachusetts

Kick off the summer in style by throwing back glass after delicious glass of rosé. Nothing will quench your hot weather thirst and give you the daytime liquid courage needed to pick up that cutie on the patio like the newly released, 2009 Westport Rivers Vineyard Rosé .

This wine is made from 100% Pinot Noir that is grown right here in the Bay State. That's right! Westport Rivers Vineyard, located in southeastern New England, has been growing their own grapes and making kickass wine since the 1980s. Best known for their world class sparkling wine, they also crank out some refreshing still wines like this bad boy.

This dry wine has fantastic fruit flavors of ripe berry and is balanced out with crisp acidity. Rosé = summer wine through and through.

Drink liberally with fried clams, pizza with white sauce or anywhere you can dip your toes in the ocean, take in the sunshine and enjoy a gorgeous hot summer day.

he loved it!


2009 Yellow+Blue Torrontes

Argentina, Cafayate Valley

Drinking + Summer = Awesome! But who wants to lug around heavy glass bottles and a wine key? True summer-a-holics know you need a highly portable yet durable beverage with a low profile. Enter, the TetraPak.

Made of paper this 1L "bottle" rocks enough wine to keep you happy all day at the beach. It's super light weight, recyclable and essentially looks like a juice box (good for covert sipping operations).

The 2009 Yellow + Blue Torrontes is filled to the brim with the extremely tasty, indigenous white grape, Torrontes from Argentina. The floral aromas of this wine combined perfectly with the salty ocean air. It's a dry white wine that's medium in body that you'll love to pour into a Solo cup as you kick back and grab some rays.

If that wasn't enough the wine is made from 100% organic grapes and the packaging greatly reduces carbon emissions. Get tipsy with a clean conscience!

Drink liberally with a tuna sandwich, fried clams and a few key friends while watching the sun set from a neighborhood park bench with a great view.

he loved it!


2008 Esporao Reserva White

Portugal, Alentejo, Reguengos

News flash: It's hot out and grilling season is in full swing. We at Second Glass are here to help you get your backyard drink-on AND your BBQ drink-on at the same time! Meet the wine that will cool you off on a hot day and also work perfectly with mesquite.

The producer Herdade do Esporão is HUGE in Portugal. They make some of the most popular wines with the Portuguese so we decided to go with their all-star player: the 2008 Esporão Reserve White.

Made from three grapes no one has heard of (Antão Vaz, Arinto and Roupeiro) this is a really cool, unique but highly drinkable wine. Fuller in body with more intense flavors than your typical summer sipper, this unpretentious wine demands outdoor action.

The grapes for this wine are grown in South-central Portugal, an incredibly hot and dry part of the country. While the reds from this region are slowly becoming more famous in wine circles, the whites are still relatively unknown in the US. This is awesome for us because we get a totally kickass white wine for little money. Boom!

Drink liberally with grilled chicken, BBQ shrimp or get all Portuguese on it and grill a whole fish!

he loved it!


2008 Saint-Peyre Picpoul de Pinet

France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Picpoul de Pinet

This wine label is difficult to decipher and filled with words that even confuse the French. It's for this reason, that we get a killer bottle of wine for only nine-bucks. Let's break things down:

Picpoul (peek-pool) is the name of the obscure grape used to make this wine. In the 17th century it was planted all over the Languedoc but lost popularity due to its vulnerability to disease.

Pinet (pee-nay) is the name of a small village a few miles away from the Étang de Thau, a large saltwater lake famous for its oyster production.

Languedoc (lahn-guh-dok) is a region in Southwest France. Fantastic wine is produced here but because it's not as famous as its winemaking siblings in Bordeaux, Champagne or Burgundy, the wines from the Languedoc are incredibly affordable.

So what do you get when you combine an unheard of, crisp, white wine from a less famous region with some of the best shellfish in France? That's right, heaven!

The 2008 Saint-Peyre Picpoul-de-Pinet rocks flavors of melon, grapefruit and lemon with a tangy acidity. This is a great wine to drink by itself on a warm sunny day (those exist, right?) but it really comes to life with fresh seafood.

Drink liberally with oysters, steamers and/ or raw anchovies.

he loved it!


2008 Si Veneto Italia

Italy, Veneto, Soave

You probably haven't heard of Soave unless you grew up in Italy. That's because this region, located near Venice, produces white wines that Italians have been keeping on their own dinner tables for decades.

With some modern marketing and a bottle that looks primed to tickle your fancy, it's what's under the screw cap that really makes us say yes to this crisp and refreshing white. Made mostly with the native grape Garganega and rounded out with some Trebbiano, Si Soave is ideal for those last few weeks of summer when temperatures and humidity climb for the last time. Similar in style to a Pinot Grigio, wines from Soave have less of an acidic kick and come off smoother with flavors of apple, citrus and tropical fruit.

The 2008 Si Soave is a DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controlla) wine, meaning the grapes and winemaking process are held to a higher standard than their non-DOC counterparts. A wine above the rest? Bellisima! And if you love it as much as we do, stop by their booth at Wine Riot and say hello!

Drink liberally with an arrugula salad, Italian salumi or even a thin crust margarita pizza!

he loved it!


2009 Yellow+Blue Malbec

Argentina, San Juan

These guys are leading the go green winemaking revolution (get it? Yellow+Blue make green) with their brand of organically grown and eco-consciously packaged reds, whites and roses. They're also crazy affordable.

The 2008 Yellow+Blue Malbec is a very drinkable wine. It falls on the lighter side of Malbec but still rocks the dark berry fruit flavors you know and love. All in all, this is some pretty damn good wine.

Before it even hits your glass the first thing you'll notice about this bottle is the lack of, well, a bottle. Packaged in a handy Tetra Pak, this combination of paper board, aluminum and plastic is bound together for a super light, protective and green alternative to glass. The packaging weighs a lot less than regular bottles meaning their carbon footprint is much smaller than most companies. The screw top makes for easy access to what you really want, the wine.

Yellow+Blue rockstar CEO, Matt Cain will be heading up a Crash Course at Saturday's Wine Riot tasting and talking all about eco-friendly wines and their effect on the industry. He'll be unscrewing this and other tasty Earth friendly wines from Yellow+Blue.

Drink liberally with grilled meats, garlic-laden pasta sauce and your Prius driving, carbon-footprint reducing, food co-op shopping hippie friends.

he loved it!


2007 Calvet Limited Release Sauvignon Blanc

France, Bordeaux

A crisp white wine in the middle of winter? Look, just because it's cold outside doesn't mean our glasses need to be filled with big, burly reds for six solid months. Mix things up by pouring a light and bright Sauv Blanc.

The 2007 Calvet Limited Release Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux, France is a great wine to get a jump on spring. Crisp and full of minerality, this is an easy drinking, inexpensive white made in a classic Bordeaux white style. Look for bright, clean flavors of citrus fruit in this very refreshing wine. Sip on this simple but delicious wine over dinner or crack bottle after bottle until the sun comes up.

Drink this Frenchy with with mussels and fries, a spinach pizza with white cream sauce or with a few chunks of cheese and some olives.

he loved it!


2007 Poppy Pinot Noir

USA, California, Monterey County

Thanksgiving dinner serves up so many contrasting flavors on one plate, like turkey, candied yams and cranberry sauce, that no one wine can really pair with all of them.

Plus, this isn't a dinner for two so keeping the wine affordable is as important as dodging Aunt Mabel's questions about why you're not married or don't have (more) kids. That's why you don't need a wine for pairing you need a wine for drinking!

This year we are choosing the 2007 Poppy Pinot Noir as our go-to Turkey Day choice. Pinot Noir is a skeleton key red wine because it's light and won't overpower anything on the table. The bright fruit flavors will stand up to the plethora of different foods and the acidity goes great with the bird. And this wine is really likable and easy to drink yet the quality is high enough to please even the snobbiest of relatives.

Drink liberally with everything you can fit on your first, second or third plate, or anything in the fridge when the late night munchies strike.

he loved it!


2007 Rosso Pesce Red Tuscany

Italy, Tuscany

Summer isn't only about drinking whites and roses. Don't be afraid to change things up and kick back a few glasses of red on the hot and sunny days (whenever they decide to show up).

John Matta, owner and winemaker at Vicchiomaggio, a winery in Tuscany that produces top quality reds, wanted to shatter the 'white wine with fish' rule. Enter the brand new, 2007 Rosso Pesce. By using some of the best grapes available, he was able to create an easy-drinking, dry red that you can pick up for a "Hamilton." Made from 100% Tuscan Sangiovese (the same grape used to make Chianti), this wine has subtle ripe red fruit flavors and very light tannins.

Ring the homies, fire up the BBQ and grab a couple bottles of this tasty vino. Drink out of a crystal wine glass or just pour it into a Solo cup. This is one wine that won't judge you.

Drink liberally with grilled whole fish, tuna sliders or crab cakes.

he loved it!


2007 Terra Andina Carmenere

Chile, Central Valley

When we tasted through the Terra Andina wines recently it sparked a bit of an epiphany. If the term 'value wine' literally means 'wine that is worth the price,' why would you buy anything else?

After taking a few sips of the 2007 Terra Andina Carmenère you'll ditch those expensive impostors. We were floored to find out this juicy, Chilean badass clocks in at less than $10.

Grown in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, Carmenère from Chile is being touted as the 'new Malbec.' In other words, "the new, totally awesome wine that didn't work out too well in France but moved to South American and became a rockstar at a fraction of the price."

This wine is big and bold with a lot of fruit, but it still manages to maintain the earthy, grittiness that is characteristic of Chilean Carmenère. We got dark fruit and red pepper flavors on this bottle that is way too good and way too inexpensive to pass up.

he loved it!

2007 Toad Hollow Eye of the Toad Rose

USA, California, Sonoma County

The votes are in and we're calling it officially rosé season!

We've decided to celebrate the fact it was 86 degrees in Boston yesterday with the 2007 Toad Hollow 'Eye of the Toad' Rosé. It's made from 100% Pinot Noir from Sonoma County. This is a French-Style, bone dry, rosé with a gorgeous color. It smells of violets and rose pedals and has a fantastic strawberry flavor. It's a steal to find a 100% Pinot Noir rosé for this price. Grab a few bottles with your sushi or spicy Thai takeout and sit on the deck/grass/stoop and get ready for summer!

If you weren't around last year, please take note that rosé wines are NOT white zinfandel. These wines are NOT sweet, syrupy, "I just turned 21 and don't like wine yet" wine. They are the real deal, not a Happy Meal. This style is light, sometimes fruity, and, most importantly, dry.

Trust us. Buy this wine and you'll never look at pink wine the same way again!

he loved it!


2007 Wine by Joe Pinot Gris

USA, Oregon

If you're anything like our staff, you've been drinking a lot of Oktoberfest beer lately. Switch things up by throwing a white wine into the mix. Who said you have to pack away the whites with your flip-flops and bathing suit?

The 2007 Wine By Joe Pinot Gris rocks more body (closer to whole milk than skim milk) than your typical white and throws in cool floral notes. This Oregon Pinot Gris has clean flavors of green apple and pears while maintaining a bright acidity.

Not only does this wine taste delicious in the middle of the day but it also goes surprisingly well with football-fare, like nachos, pizza and hot wings. Break barriers with your buddies by cracking a few bottles during the game on Sundays.

But this wine doesn't just stop at ballgames. It's a go-to fall favorite that is a great accompaniment to apple picking, fall foliage and your new scarf.

Drink liberally with chicken pot pie, grilled cheese or veggie soup.

he loved it!


2006 Cono Sur Pinot Noir

Chile, Central Valley

Who doesn't love Pinot Noir? It's light enough to pair with fish, heavy enough to satisfy red wine drinkers but smooth enough to still be sexy. The only problem is most pinots start at $20 a bottle. Enter Chile's Cono Sur.

In 1999, Viña Cono Sur set out to create the best Pinot Noir in Chile. Now their goal is to create a "world class" Pinot Noir. While the winery produces many high end wines, we can say, for $13, this baseline Pinot rules!

The wine is light to medium in body with flavors of cherry, raspberry and strawberry. This wine is perfect with grilled mushrooms, seared salmon or even sushi.

he loved it!

2006 Four Vines Naked Chardonnay

USA, California, Santa Barbara County

Now that Memorial Day has passed and you've gotten your first sunburn, taken your seersucker jacket for a spin and re-christened the front stoop as your new living room, there is only one thing left to do. That's right, find your go-to summer wine.

"Bad Boy" wine maker and former Bostonian, Christian Tietje, gives us our summer blockbuster, the 2006 Four Vines "Naked" Chardonnay. Forget what you know about Chard as this wine is stripped of oak and those stereotypical buttery flavors. Instead, this is a crisp and clean drinking wine, perfect for a hot summer day. The wine has a terrific balance of fruit and acidity with flavors of crisp apples, citrus fruit and pears.

Drink with beet salad, grilled chicken and lots of friends.

he loved it!

2006 Four Vines Old Vine Cuvee Zinfandel

USA, California

Last night we held our "Winter Warmers" Crash Course at Downtown Wine & Spirits. After tasting through eight different wines, we put this week's Wine of the Weekend to a vote. In the end, the twenty attendees decided on the Four Vines Zinfandel.

We've always been a huge fan of the Four Vines Winery. With a rock and roll attitude and badass wines with names like Anarchy and the Heretic, these guys pump out some serious vino.

The 2006 Four Vines "Old Vine Cuvee" Zinfandel may be the least expensive red from this Paso Robles winery, but manages to kick ass and take names like its older siblings. This wine delivers rich, ripe fruit flavors, like blackberry and plum, without going overboard. Plus, at 14.6% alcohol, this bold wine is sure to chase away the winter blues.

Drink with BBQ Pork, a juicy steak or stash some in a flask for cold weather consumption.

he loved it!


2006 Gramona Grand Cuvée Cava

Spain, Penedes

Whether you're drinking sparkling wine, sipping Champagne or double fisting the Champagne of beers, it isn't New Years Eve without some bubbly.

While true Champagne, from the Champagne region of France isn't cheap (around $50 a bottle), there are plenty of alternatives that are just as good but half the price. Our pick for this New Years is the 2006 Gramona Gran Cuvee Cava from Spain.

Cava is meant to be an every day version of Champagne, usually hanging in the $10-15 range. It's made the same exact way as Champagne only with Spanish grapes. The folks at Gramona, however, take Cava to the next level. This "entry level" bottle is made with over 125 years of bubbly producing experience and rocks a surprising amount of character and complexity. Pear and citrus flavors come through in the straw colored wine.

This is the wine you want to take into 2010, proving you got class, but you don't need to pay for it.

Drink liberally with passed hors d'oeuvres, whole lobster or whoever you plan on making out with at midnight!

he loved it!


2006 Murphy-Goode Chardonnay

USA, California, Sonoma County

Summer isn't summer without Chardonnay. It's what gives warmth to the sun's rays, flight to the singing birds and it's what gets you housed on a patio in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

The 2006 Murphy-Goode Chardonnay is one quarter fermented in steel and three quarters in oak barrels. This means it's a nice balance between the oaky-buttery Chards California is know for and the super crisp "Naked" Chards many wineries are cranking out.

There are plenty of ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) drinkers out there who may scoff, but we love this rich and creamy Chard. There's fruit, there's a little bit of butter (but not too much) and plenty of apple and pear flavors. This is a great day-time sipper as well as a late-night dining food wine.

Pair with a creamy pasta dish, anything prosciutto or a Newbury Street patio.

he loved it!


2007 O’Reilly’s Pinot Noir

USA, Oregon

It's cold, we're tired and thanks to the holiday season, quite broke. We all deserve a decent bottle of wine after this week and luckily, we've found your go-to winter sipper.

Guaranteed to not only cure the winter doldrums but also be kind to your wallet is the 2007 O'Reilly's Pinot Noir from Oregon. This is one of the best wines for the money that we've seen. Typically, even $20 or $30 bottles of Pinot can be mediocre at best, but the O'Reilly's delivers with an incredibly well balanced wine with solid but not overbearing fruit.

The same winemakers as one of our favorite Northwest wineries, Owen Roe, make the O'Reilly. The grapes are farmed identically to their Single Vineyard wines, but set aside "simply because they do not fit into the style of Owen Roe."

This means you get to drink bottle after bottle of delicious, red-berry laden wine for 1/3 the price! That's hard to beat.

Drinks with salmon, beet and goat cheese salad or all by it's self.

he loved it!


2007 Montes Classic Series Cabernet Sauvignon

Chile, Colchagua Valley

Chile makes some pretty awesome wine. Specializing in reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Syrah, this skinny South American country has been cranking out wines that compete with California and France.

In a recent staff tasting, we cruised through a couple cases of quality vino and found some pretty damn good wines. When we tasted the 2007 Montes 'Classic Series' Cabernet Sauvignon, we were really impressed.

Before you even smell it, the wine looks beautiful, rocking an intense, inky color. At first whiff, you instantly realize this wine could kick all of our asses at the same time. Deeply concentrated, this Chilean bad-boy brings rich flavors of black cherries, espresso and chocolate. While there are tannins and a lick of oak present, neither are overwhelming.

After a sip, the wine begs you to clean off your kitchen table, light some candles, grill a steak and put on the Marvin Gaye. Whether it's a date, a party, or just hanging out on a Tuesday night, this is a wine that brings it's A-Game.

Drink liberally with a juicy steak, grilled portobello mushrooms with polenta or pizza with a chunky tomato sauce.

he loved it!


2009 Martinshof Zweigelt

Austria, Vienna

Zweigelt is a super grape made to survive the cold climate of Austria. It was developed a hundred years ago by a guy named Friz Zweigelt (hey, he invented it, he can name it whatever he wants!). The wines are deep and dark in color, with bright fruit and a nicely balanced acidity. Perfect for drinking on its own, with some cheese or with a pile of schnitzel.

he loved it!


2009 Santorini Winery White

Greece, Santorini

Wine from Greece is impossible to pronounce but awesome to drink! The white wines from Santorini are some of the best in all of Greece. Made to sip with local seafood while basking in the sun at the beach, this white is straw in color with a great, crisp acidity.

he loved it!


2009 Chateau de Campuget Tradition Rose

France, Rhone Valley, Costieres de Nimes

What’s better than a good rose? A good, cheap rose! Forget Gatorade, this is what you want to drink on a hot summer day. Crisp and ultra-refreshing, the wine tastes a little like strawberries and a whole lot like summertime. Take this wine to the beach and drink it with a sandwich, bring it to a picnic to wash down bread, cheese and prosciutto, or replace the red liquid in a VitaminWater with it and bring it just about anywhere. (We won’t tell.) Whatever you do, drink a lot of this stuff this summer!

he loved it!


2009 Giorgio & Gianni Sweet Red Lambrusco


Chosen by Wine Riot attendees as the overall favorite wine from the event, this is a slightly fizzy (frizzante in Italian), sweet, red wine from Italy. A favorite of Italian high school girls, this stuff is super inexpensive, low in alcohol at 9%, but a cool (literally and figuratively - it's meant to be drank cold) and unique type of wine. Lambrusco is both the grape and style that comes from northern Italy. Sip on its own, bring it to a party or drink it with some chocolate cupcakes!

he loved it!


2009 Oveja Negra Reserva Sauvignon Blanc/ Carmenere

Chile, Maule

Smooth, crisp and refreshing, this white is very easy to drink and comes with a cool story. This wine is a blend of Carmenere (a red grape) and Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. The skin of grapes is what gives wine its red color, but if you gently press the white juice out, you can make a white wine. Carmenere is becoming Chile's rising star in the red wine game, but this is the only white we've seen.

he loved it!


2008 Hess Collection Select Cabernet Sauvignon

USA, California

It's always nice to find a delicious California Cabernet that's also affordable. Hess Collection does a kickass job with everything they produce so it only makes sense their Cali Cab is super tasty. This is less of a "impress your friends" and more of a "drink on a Wednesday night" wine. The wine has good fruit flavors and is very smooth, perfect for mac and cheese, burgers and pizza.

he loved it!

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