Second Glass Wine Tasting App

Connect with a New Generation

Technology is changing the wine industry and 21-34 year old consumers (Millennials) are leading the charge. As of 2010, 63% of Millennial drinkers find their wine information online and 43% are using wine, food, bar and restaurant apps to make everyday decisions. Second Glass lets you easily connect with these Millennial consumers. Our Tasting Room App lets consumers browse information about your winery, view detailed information about each of your wines and even see which wines their friends like. We are replacing the impossible-to-fold and easy-to-lose paper map of the region with a mobile app that helps consumers discover new wines, remember what they taste and easily share that information with their friends. The wine industry is changing. It's time to make the newest technology work for you.

Friends tell Friends About Your Wines

A new generation of wine consumers are talking about and buying wine in a brand new way. Millennials look to their friends for recommendations, trusting their peers above any other source. This includes Sommeliers and other experts, press, and advertisements. Second Glass utilizes Facebook Connect to let potential customers see the wines and tasting rooms liked by their friends. This means a visitor from New York City can influence their friends in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles to visit your tasting room. Since the average American has over 200 Facebook friends, it's like giving every customer reviewing your wine a megaphone.

Collect Market Data with a Single Tap

Every time a consumer reviews your wine we collect valuable market data. Our advanced profile will provide you with a dashboard that breaks down the age, gender and origin of consumers visiting your tasting room or sampling your wines at events. See which of your wines are popular with 21-34 year old females or explore potential markets for your new brands. The more you promote the app in your tasting room, the more data you collect.

Content Creation

Millennials are the new driving force leading 48% of the growth in the wine market and are reshaping the industry. They are interested in what wine goes with fish, or what would impress someone on a first date, instead of the traditional "subtle bouquet of raspberries." Young wine drinkers want to know why they should pick your wine and on which occasions to drink it with friends. Our expert content creators work with you to create "one-liners" (140 character descriptions) for each of your wines so you can speak to these drinkers in their own language.

Personal Account Representative

It doesn't matter if you're an expert with technology or you're just getting started, a personal account representative from Second Glass can help you every step of the way. We'll work closely with you to make sure all of your profile and tasting room information is always up to date. If you have any questions at anytime just give us a call or send us an email and we'll respond promptly to any request.

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