Second Glass Events Platform

Ditch the Paper Guide

What is this 2008? Stop pouring money into a paper guide that just ends up in the trash at the end of the night and use the Second Glass Event platform instead. Your vendors are provided an opportunity to enter the wines they are pouring at your event which all appear in a free mobile app for android or iphone. Your attendees can remember the wines they tried for forever. When surveyed, ??% of our event attendees say they plan to use events as their buying guide for that year, so give them that chance. As of 2010, 63% of Millennial drinkers find their wine information online and 43% are using wine, food, bar and restaurant apps to make everyday decisions.

Target a New Generation

Technology is changing the wine industry and 21-34 year old consumers (Millennials) are leading the charge. Second Glass lets you easily connect with these Millennial consumers. Our Events App lets consumers browse for events in their area, track the wines they try at those events so they can easily remember what they like and share that information with their friends. Millennials are the new driving force leading 48% of the growth in the wine market and are reshaping the industry. It's time to make the newest technology work for you.

Collect Market Data Live

Every wine an attendee marks results in valuable market data. Your event admin will provide you with a dashboard that breaks down the age, gender, origin, and taste of consumers sampling your event. Enhance the impact of your event with real time displays of this aggregate data. Show which wines are popular with 21-34 year old females or which countries are favored by your attendees.

Make Your Wine Event Listings Social

Increase event attendance by Second Glass's social event listings. Every event that uses the Second Glass platform will be listed on our site with information targeted toward the Second Glass user viewing it including which Facebook friends are already attending, wineries at your event that that user has tried and loved, and which stores they'll be able to visit later to pick up that favorite bottle discovered at your event. Since the average American has over 200 Facebook friends, it's like giving every attendee a megaphone.

Integrate with Your Eventbrite Tickets

The Second Glass Events Platform is proud to be partnered with Eventbrite. Use Second Glass as your one stop shop to replace your paper guide, list your event, contact your attendees and manage your eventbrite tickets.

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