These Wines Want to Party!

There are still plenty of high-quality wines that are named Chateau Something in French, Last Name Family Estates, Adjective Tree Vineyards but something cool is now happening in wine; people are starting to have fun with it. It used to be that goofy or funny labels just made up for really crappy wine but things are changing! Now you have extremely talented winemakers, often from prestigious wineries that are making damn good wine, but slapping it with a quirky name and a cool label.

A list by Tyler B.

USA, California, Lodi

This is real-deal, old vine Zinfandel from Lodi with a pretty goofy label. Big and in your face, this is a monster of a red that will make you giggle after you finish a few glasses of this high-alcohol vino. Juicy and fruit-filled it’s everything you want in a Zin complete with a plastic, easy to open cap. Drink it with pizza, burger or grilled steak tacos!

USA, California, Sonoma Valley

How awesome is this? A kickass, well made, legit red wine in a huge jug? Oh, and it’s called Sherman & Hooker’s Shebang. The winery is called Bedrock Wine Co, and the winemaker is Morgan Twain-Peterson. His father started Ravenswood winery so Morgan has been making wine since he could walk. Creating cool and innovative wines, this jug is basically Zinfandel, Syrah and Mouvedre from past vintages that didn’t make the cut into the high end wines. Bring this wine to a party and you will be loved by all!

USA, California, Paso Robles

Take a second, make sure grandma, small children or easily offended people are out of earshot and say this wine name out loud. Get it? Chronic Cellars is a project by Jake and Josh Beckett, owners of Peachy Canyon Winery, which was founded by their father. With Chronic Cellars, the boys set out to make slammin’ good wine corked into the coolest bottle you’ve ever seen. A kitchen-sink blend of a bajillion Paso Robles grapes, this wine is packed with bursting, juicy fruit followed by deep and complex flavors. You know you want it! Drink it with BBQ, grilled meat and everything else that’s awesome!

USA, California

While we really wish it did, this wine has absolutely nothing to do with the Lady Gaga. Instead it’s a classy as hell looking bottle filled with pink, fun rosé! Made from Pinot Noir, it’s light, super easy to drink, and has just a slight touch of sweetness. Plus, people at the Wine Riot love this wine! Rosé isn’t just for hot summer days, it’s also useful when you’re trying to forget it’s miserable out and you’ve resorted to measuring accumulated snowfall against Shaq! Drink it with light salad, white pizza or better yet, all by itself with friends!

Australia, South Australia

While there isn’t a whole lot of info about why this little gem is called Ass Kisser, we’re just gonna roll with it. It’s a blend of Shiraz and Grenache, which Australia can do really f-ing well while only charging you a few bucks. Drink it on a Tuesday, bring it to a party or hell, give it as a gift to your boss! This is a solid, juicy, fruit-filled Aussie red wine for short change. It’s a boxed mac ‘n cheese, pizza delivery, sip it while you indulge in trashy TV, type of wine.

France, Cotes du Marmandais

Using bio-dynamic farming (think organic turned up to 11) to grow his grapes in an unheard of region in southern France, Elian da Ros is serious about his wine but he also likes to get down. The wine’s name translates to “the wine is a party” and we couldn’t agree more! In a recent interview by our friends at Wine Bottega, Da Ros says, “I never wanted to make expensive wines, I want to make good wine.” With young, bright fruit you gotta bust this out for the next dinner party that starts with intellectual conversation and ends as a rager!