Intern Wall of Fame

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Our interns play an important role behind the scenes as well as in the development of Second Glass. Without their dedication, Second Glass would not be what it is today. Herein, we present the exalted interns emeriti:

Hope Gee

Marketing and Events Intern, Summer/Fall '11

I first found about about Second Glass via a Google search on wine events in Boston. However, as soon as I started asking around, all my Boston friends would respond, "Oh yeah, Second Glass! I went to Wine Riot last fall!" I was dead set on working here, so I applied in January for a summer internship. I kept emailing every few months to see if I could work my way in. Pro Tip: Persistence really does pay off! Working with SG was an incredible experience. I worked on Wine Riot NY and DC as well as a few smaller events like Beaujolais Nouveau 2011. I researched vendors, PR companies, hotels, and all the other little parts that make up the behind-the-scenes of a Wine Riot. I also helped with marketing research on blogs and social media for both Riots and for our tasting room app launch in Paso Robles. The entire team is so welcoming, smart, and passionate about what they do. They don't hesitate to explain what they're working on, and I learned so much from them about all the details that go in to throwing killer events and making the SG-world go 'round. I'm now living in Lyon, France teaching English in an elementary school, and I'm trying to keep learning about wine and I'm certainly still drinking it.

Advice to future interns: Try to find at least a little bit about everything that's going on. Even if you're not with the company for very long, learning about long-term plans and ideas adds a whole different dimension the smaller project you're working on! Also, a drunktopus tattoo under your ear may look really cool during Wine Riot, but make sure you think carefully before getting a real neck tattoo.

Emi Saza

Marketing and Events Intern, Summer '11

My first encounter with Second Glass was in 2008 when I was still at Emerson and Second Glass was still a "project in the works." I knew from day one that the dedication of these people would take this idea far. Three years later, in the Summer of 2011, I saw for myself once again how amazing Second Glass is.
I joined the team in the midst of their migration to SF and crazy planning for Wine Riot NY. I quickly learned that the team at Second Glass are crazy multitaskers who work hard and (equally/to my delight) play hard. Everyday was different, everyday was something learned, and everyday was filled with inside jokes and laughs in our little office in Inman Sq. I helped out with research and developing media lists for the upcoming riot, and let me tell you- it was definitely worth it. Being at Wine Riot was NON-STOP, but it was awesome to have the experience of working on an event of that scale. The preparation and the people involved were all excellent (true portrayal of outstanding team work!) and the whole Riot was one for the books. I got to learn a lot about wine (to say the least), drink a lot of wine (probably my favorite part), and be part of Second Glass in a whole new way again.

Advice to future interns: Drink a lot of coffee and drink a lot of wine- Always be up to a challenge and bring your A game. You never know what you're going to get assigned next, but as long as you're alert and eager, you'll make it through the day. On the flip side, when you're given wine, raise your glass- it's best way to take it all in.

Sarah Nash

Marketing and Events Intern, Winter/Spring '11

I found Second Glass after googling “Boston wine internship” and never looked back. Any company that regularly utilizes phrases such as “dropping mad knowledge”, “juiced” and “shuck yeah” is a company after my own heart. As a college student who was looking for some wine-oriented work experience that wouldn’t force me to buy a business casual wardrobe, I could not have dreamed of a more perfect internship. I spent most of my time at Second Glass helping with pre-Wine Riot organization. From acquiring liquor licenses, to booking the sound system, to running around madly trying to find slow pourers, I learned all about what it takes to put on a major event. I mastered a great deal by having my hands in something different almost every day… learn by doing!
One of the most fantastic things about interning for Second Glass was getting to know all of the amazing people that make up the team. Everyone is kind, creative, supportive of each other, and just great to be around. Because Morgan and Tyler are entrepreneurial jedi and friends with wine folk around the country, they were able to connect me with a winery out in California where I’ll be working harvest this year. I could not be more excited. If you so desire, there are infinite opportunities for you to learn about wine, events, marketing and social media here.
As I approach graduation, I could not be more thankful for my time spent at Second Glass. I've learned a ton, met some awesome people, and am now looking forward to a life long career in the wine industry.

Advice to future interns: Jump right in! People are of course always very friendly and more than happy to guide and help you out, but this is a company where taking initiative pays off. Having strong biceps doesn’t hurt either.

Rachel Waxman

Marketing and Events Intern, Spring '11

I found this internship in a rather roundabout way: I had just started reading when I came across an article on entrepreneurship featuring Morgan and Second Glass, and I thought it sounded like the coolest company ever. I started lurking on the employment page until one day the wine gods gave their blessing, and a Chicago internship appeared. I emailed my resume right away.

As the Chicago intern (for the inaugural Chicago Wine Riot, I might add!), I acted as the Second Glass woman on the ground during the Wine Riot planning process. I researched food vendors, publications for advertising, printing companies for event guides, PR companies, ice providers... you get the idea! During Wine Riot I helped with setup, unloading wines, pouring for crash courses, and photo booth. All of this was absolutely awesome, but the moment that will stick with me the most was during setup when I fire-lined over 15 large boxes of shatterproof wine glasses into an elevator.

Thanks to this amazing internship, I'm headed out to Napa Valley at the end of the summer to look for office or marketing work at a vineyard. Working with Second Glass has been such a great learning experience, and I'm so glad I had this opportunity!

Advice to future interns: Jump in with both feet! Pre-Wine Riot you might find yourself doing such things as a Wine Shop Tour de Chicago: exploring the city and handing out posters to all the coolest wine shops. On Wine Riot day you will be awake for more hours than you could possibly imagine, AND you will be having fun the whole time. Also, talk to people. If you're serious about working in the wine industry, take advantage of all the great resources you'll have at Wine Riot. And finally, make sure you go to the photo booth!

Courtney Dickerson

Wine Riot Coordinator Fall/Winter '10

I became aware of Tyler and Morgan when they visited a class at Emerson and then in my second semester my friend reminded me of Second Glass and my love for wine, so I checked out their website, loved it, saw they had a position open and sent an email to Morgan as fast as I could!

At SG, I was the WR Coordinator so I worked with our vendors and volunteers throughout the months that lead up to our main event! When WR finally arrived I got to see first hand how everything came together and while making sure my volunteers (and friend I made volunteer) were hard at work I also had a little fun too - can you say photo booth with props?! I had done some special events before in my undergrad and had worked at various wine events in the past but I was never given this much responsibility or fully in charge of something that was so huge! I learned even more about wines and special events and I made some great contacts throughout the Boston area! Aside from Wine Riot, I worked on other smaller projects such as our very classy bar (wine) crawl - it was definitely a first for me to drink only wine on a bar crawl! My other favorite part of working with the SG team was our office chat- Avery is hilarious and sweet and Maureen has the best laugh ever and I cant forget our meetings that usually occurred in 3 different time zones! Our web video conferences were at times a bit blurry and out of sync as we all crowded around the screen but Morgans and Tyler's excitement (especially Morgan!) for upcoming projects and big deals (like opening an office in Beverly Hills!) always came through and motivated all of us to get amped about what was coming up next! Now, I have only one more semester left at Emerson and then I will finally be a "real adult" and on the hunt for a big girl job. My time at SG helped me learn to work better under pressure and how rewarding planning a huge awesome event like Wine Riot can be. I also learned how to promote, promote, promote and have fun doing it!

Advice to future interns: You definitely need to be very outgoing and talkative for this job. You will be promoting Second Glass events and talking to vendors and volunteers non stop so it's good to have great people skills! Also you can work hard and have fun at the same time! It's a great internship and you also get to drink a little wine too - its a win win!

Jake Mercurio

Marketing and Events Assistant, Fall '10

I received my first Wine of the Weekend email in June 2010 and thought, “Wow I wish I could work at a place like that!” I interviewed the next week and started that fall. The rest is a lot of inside jokes that probably wouldn’t be funny unless you were there and had as much Huge Bear as we did (slash as little sleep).

My very first Second Glass assignment had me out of the office to pick up a contract and check from 90+ Cellars. After laughing with the guys for a little while, they asked me how long I had been working for Second Glass. I looked down at my watch and responded, “Ah... about two hours now.” The rest of my wine-ternship was spent analyzing marketing data, wireframing new website designs, and pitching Second Glass to the closest stranger, govino cup in hand. My other responsibilities included tattooing Wine Rioters in inappropriate places, helping people off coffee tables, and absorbing liberal amounts of um… wine knowledge!

Morgan and Tyler are social media and networking pros (I think all of Boston knows them). Thanks to working with them, I’m now applying to a whole host of online marketing and events positions around Boston and even running social media campaigns for a few places. I'm now the resident "Wine Guy" and you'll likely find me answering wine recommendation requests via text or classing up the place with bottle service. It took just one season at Second Glass to make me a wine fan for life.

Advice to future interns: Take risks and don’t be afraid to do things you’ve never tried before. There are a ton of things to learn from the Second Glass team. Also, your friends will be convinced you just drunk wine all day... Don’t bother trying to correct them; they still won’t believe you (especially once they see photobooth pictures)!

Sarah McCulley

Administrative Intern, Summer '10

I finished my degree in film at Emerson College in December of 2009, and I had a bit of time before my lease in Boston was up. I was bartending in the city, but I was really looking for a new and interesting opportunity to develop some new professional skills and to keep building my experience as I awaited my next big life adventure. After a few ridiculous and failed attempts, I saw that Second Glass was looking for an intern. As a long time fan of Wine Riot and wine in general, I knew I was interested. Plus, I had friends who had worked with the company in the past and loved it. I thought, what do I have to lose? So, I applied to be an Administrative Intern for the summer.

At my interview, Tyler and Morgan outlined the details of the job, and I somehow convinced them that in addition to that, what they really needed was someone with a film background to do some videos for them. So I got the job! In addition to heading up the Wine of the Weekend each week, I filmed our various events and outings to create content for the web. I even had the immense pleasure of filming and editing the video that helped Tyler and Morgan be named two of the coolest entrepreneurs under the age of 30 for Inc Magazine!

Working for Second Glass allowed me to do something totally different for a summer, which was something I really needed as I desperately floundered to figure out my immediate future. Plus, telling people you work for a wine events company really makes you seem like a little bit more of a badass than you actually are. I also got to learn a ton about startup companies, and now am more than a little bit obsessed.

Now I’m off to the Big(er) City, moving to New York to be a musical theatre star!! Broadway here I come!! But seriously, I’m off to start my professional film career in NYC.

Advice to future interns: If you’re thinking about applying to Second Glass, definitely do it. You will learn a lot, get to work for a great company with great people, and like me, can tailor it into a unique professional experience that’s perfect for your résumé!

Liz Demakos

Marketing and Events Assistant, Wine Riot Assistant, Winter/Spring/Summer '10

I arrived in Boston in December ’09 to coach squash after being uprooted from both my hometown in Buffalo and from Wesleyan University where I completed my undergraduate degree. Wanting to dive head first into a new city, I began searching online for great work opportunities. When I saw Second Glass’ posting I thought it was too good to be true! That week I met with Morgan and Tyler, and the rest is history.

Over the next months I had what turned out to be the coolest, most prolific job experience of my career. My tasks varied widely from week to week, including coordinating the April ’10 Wine Riot and corralling our amazing volunteers, interviewing local wine celebrities, assisting in marketing and SG events, flexing my social media biceps, maintaining existing websites and constructing new ones, all the while working with the most interesting and ambitious company around. The crowning glory was Wine Riot, a weekend where all our hard work paid off and everyone had a blast!

Working for SG allowed me to learn a TON about wine, business and marketing, and how to craft passion and ambition towards success. Not only did I stock my arsenal with valuable work experience, I connected with a strong Boston community- a pairing I wouldn’t have secured anywhere else. Before Second Glass I was definitely timid about my next step. Now I am poised, ready and thoroughly pumped to bust down the Real World’s front door and shotgun a beer in the doorway.

Advice to future interns: Stay curious- there’s always something to learn (especially if you ask Avery); Work hard, party hard, and bring your A-game!

Ashley Lashgari

Wine Riot Coordinator, Fall/Winter/Spring ’09-’10

I started out as a volunteer for the first Wine Riot, had so much fun, and knew that I wanted to be a part of it. Then, as I was checking out the Second Glass website, I saw they needed a marketing intern! I was finishing up my MBA at Northeastern at the same time the job market was the worst ever, so I thought interning for a while for a company that was super fun would be a great next step. After being the Marketing Intern for the second Wine Riot, I was promoted to Wine Riot Coordinator for the third happening.

At Second Glass, I pretty much got to do a little bit of everything. I loved writing press releases, blog posts, Facebook posts and Tweets because I got to throw my terrible sense of humor into my writing, and people might actually think I was funny (maybe..). Working in the office with amazing people everyday is one of the serious perks of this job; something fun/hilarious is always going on. The best and most rewarding part about my job was seeing everything come together at Wine Riot, meeting all the vendors I had been in contact with for so long, and seeing how much fun everyone was having.

I am now in the market for a job, but I have no worries whatsoever that I will find an awesome one because my time at Second Glass has given me the best foundation to do whatever my little heart desires. I’ve learned how to take an idea and run with it, promote the heck out of something without much money, speak to a big audience through social media, and HAVE FUN while I work! I also picked up some killer wine knowledge while I was at it.

Advice to future interns: Learn as much as you can from Morgan! She is a Marketing/PR/Entrepreneurial genius. Don’t try to make everyone play Biggest Loser: Office Edition with you because everyone will gain weight and stop playing. Oh, and throw in corny jokes whenever possible, even though Tyler HATES them. ;)

Adriana Echandi

Social/New Media Intern, Marketing & Community Asst. Director, Winter/Spring ’10

It was my junior year of college and I had decided to graduate a year early-but I was stuck in a tower of a castle a million miles away from the United States in the Netherlands. Oh, and I had no idea what to do with my life. Searching through job message boards Morgan First’s name beckoned to me like a light in tunnel. I had worked with Morgan before in Emerson’s Marketing EmComm group, I have had social media, blogosphere experience—and I was good at parties, duh! Actually I am also from the San Francisco Bay Area and have been cruising wineries with my folks since I was a baby: so fiesta + wine + interweb = I am so down!

As a fashionista, I was so happy to work in an environment where I was more than welcome to express myself, and the office, aptly named “Hangout Industries”, was exactly how it sounded. The first day of my internship we had an entire office tasting where all the other young start ups got together and got smashed on delicious wine and played foos ball- I knew it was meant to be.

I felt like the first few weeks I was attending some sort of alternative school. We had educational meetings to discuss how to use google analytics, SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, twitter and much more! I thought, this is way more education than what I am getting from a textbook! I even took notes down in a notebook that I will definitely reference from time to time.

Going through such an exciting and crazy transition of post-grad life, I am so glad Morgan and the SG team gave me the confidence and tools to succeed in whatever endeavors I choose. I am moving to Brooklyn, NY and going to work for a fashion/style start up. Thank you to this amazing team!!

Advice to future interns: If you want to intern with an optimistic, open and supportive team- where you will actually learn and be part of something, look no further and drink more wine!

Jessica Margolis-Pineo

Marketing Intern, Summer '09

The Second Glass was brought up to me by a professor who happened to notice that I was hungover with purple stains on my lips almost every time that I saw her. “I had a big… Tuesday,” was a normal response from me. It was her genius that brought me to Morgan and Tyler, and after a super intimidating interview I was hired and appreciated for my booze-hound nature.

While at TSG I maintained a lot of their social online media – from Twitter to Facebook. I worked closely under Morgan and looked to her for guidance, but it was a very self-directed position which I appreciated. I learned how to change up our Wine of the Week web-blast and organize lists on Constant Contact like a pro. I did a fair amount of research and list making and was in charge of keeping the office amused. Highlights of my time at TSG include – weekly phone calls to wine stores and putting on fake accents, dressing up and sitting in Post Office Square with Kate to give away RIOT tickets, and wearing my Fez in the office almost every day. I looked like a pencil, but a pretty coooool pencil.

Now that I have completed my graduate program at Emerson College the next step for me is… well, your guess is as good as mine. I think I might go to the beach this weekend. Does that count? What I can say is working with the amazing people at The Second Glass showed me the exciting side of Boston, and how I should properly appreciate my life here. Also there is a fine balance between work and fun, and making friends at TSG showed me that the lame work part does not have to be, well, lame.

Advice to future interns: BE WARNED, ye potential interns, there are things you MUST KNOW before working at The Second Glass: Tyler gets cranky is he does not get fed crasins on an hourly basis, and he does not like to be called “Tyyyyyrece!” Perhaps because of the poor acting skills of Tyrece Gibson in Tyler’s favorite film, 2 Fast 2 Furious. Morgan prioritizes things to do using different highlighter colors, but the color order is not red to purple but in the order that she LIKES those colors. Kate has a penchant for high heels and has developed a kind-of “high heel morgue” underneath her desk. It is the first of its kind and she is working on a trademark for it. Kate will occasionally get cranky as well, but it is often because she misses her glasses that she no longer wears – to remedy this perhaps suggest going outside so she can wear sunglasses.

Kyle Wright

Editorial Intern, Summer '09

I was just finishing up an internship at a magazine in Boston, and I found out about the opportunity to work with the Second Glass through a former professor. I thought it would be a great experience because I had already learned a lot about wine when I was researching a feature for Intermezzo magazine. Everyone in the office was supportive, laid back and eager to see their business grow, and it did! In the time I was there, I got to see a small business expand into something much larger. I worked on the guides for Wine Riot, helped out at the event, and helped Tyler put together the holiday wine guide.

Most importantly, I gained a lot of experience with online media. The Second Glass was the first website I ever worked on. Now being an Assistant Editor at the Improper Bostonian, a lot of what I learned at Second Glass was applicable in helping me expanding the web site for Improper. The publishing industry is definitely becoming more online-centric (hello! don't you watch then news?), and the opportunity to get hands-on experience with a well designed site like Second Glass is a great resume builder.

Advice to future interns:

Maggie Dayton

Marketing Assistant – Spring ’09, Wine Riot Coordinator – Summer ’09

Morgan and I went way back to MAP: Boston days– I joined the company’s EmComm account in my second year at Emerson College. I loved working with Morgan and her awesomely cool planner! Flash forward to my senior year, and I can’t find an interesting internship for the spring to save my life. Morgan shows up in my business class to give a presentation on social media, and in catching up after class, she told me about a position opening at Second Glass! After attending their first Holiday Wine Guide launch party and meeting Tyler, I was on board. When I graduated, I planned on heading home for the summer before going backpacking through Europe that Fall, but Morgan & Tyler quickly convinved me that it was a much better idea to stick around, plan the next Wine Riot, and leave for Europe after that.

In the months I spent with SG, the company exploded! Our first Wine Riot in April 2009 was absolutely amazing– we all had so much fun. While on staff, I helped coordinate all marketing efforts behind WR and our weekly crash course events, write press releases, make contacts, attend fun industry events, and lend a hand, or my opinion, wherever needed. I learned so much from SG about business, marketing, and of course wine!

Being with SG changed my life forever! While abroad, I had such a higher appreciation for what I was drinking (and I’d like to think I did the company proud!), and experiencing as a result. Upon returning to Boston, I accepted a position as Private Events Coordinator for the opening of Russell House Tavern, in Harvard Square. Coming from the fast-paced world of a start up company, I was able to think of my feet, manage events & client relations and still talk to people about awesome food & wine.

Advice to future interns: Have fun! Don’t be afraid to speak up, this is a company where your opinion and work mean a lot! Talk cars with Tyler and shoes with Morgan. Come in with an open mind and an empty glass, and you’ll leave with both filled to the brim.

Lauren Michaud

Wine Riot Coordinator, Spring (& Summer-ish?) ’09

I decided to intern with The Second Glass for lots of reasons – I knew of the awesome energy they put into their endeavors; I loved the new approach they were taking to smashing snobby stigmas about wine; but mainly, since it’s a young company, everyone has a hands-on say in what goes on, & I liked being able to pitch my own ideas & run with them. (Also, without a doubt the coolest bosses you will ever have. And did I mention the wine?!)

At The Second Glass, I was the Event Coordinator for the first installment of Wine Riot. I got to handle the logistical details so that the creative entrepreneurs could focus on being brilliant day-to-day. From venue contact and exhibitor liaisons to volunteer management and day-of details, I got to take management’s ideas & made sure they came to life. I also encouraged Tyler to take mid-afternoon coffee breaks, and created at least 3 google docs a day.

My time at TSG coincided with the final semester of my Masters in Marketing Communications at Emerson. Now-a-days, I live back in my hometown in Louisiana and do fundraising and marketing for a local non-profit. My time working on Wine Riot definitely taught me the ways of pitching sponsors & spinning your benefits into language they can’t refuse, as well as “promoting on the cheap.” This is a GREAT place to work to boost your social media and online marketing skillz, in addition to writing, event management, and PR finesse from the lovely Ms. First, the Best Stalker I Know.

Advice to future interns: Be FLEXIBLE, Maintain the scoreboard (we’re winning), & Don’t be embarrassed to spit!

Rachel Baker

Wine Riot Intern

Rachel B’s inaugural Wine Riot will be at NYC, our largest event of the year! Rachel is in charge of making sure that you don’t get lost, thanks to the well-researched, organized, and awesome signage hanging around the event. She also curates the awesome props in the photo booth, putting the icing on the cake of your next Facebook default. During the NYC event, Rachel will be helping the volunteers on the floor and making sure the team remembers to eat!

Advice to future interns:

Rachel Maresca

Wine Riot Intern

Rachel M’s first Wine Riot will be in our flagship city of Boston! Without her incredible planning skills, the Second Glass team would be stranded in Los Angeles. She also books awesome “reality houses” in each city to avoid homelessness. To top it all off, Rachel acts as Volunteer Coordinator to corral our amazing volunteers so that the weekend runs without a hitch. During Wine Riot Boston, you can find Rachel orchestrating volunteers or dancing next to the DJ.

Advice to future interns: