Boston Wine Expo

Seaport World Trade Center

1 Seaport Lane

Boston, MA 02210

January 22-23, 2011

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Second Glass Joins the Boston Wine Expo for their 20th Anniversary Celebration!

Top Wines at Boston Wine Expo
13 stores carry wines from Boston Wine Expo!
Liquor World: Franklin, MA (16 wines)
The Wine Bunker: Reading, MA (14 wines)
Macy's Liquors: West Roxbury, MA (11 wines)
Wollaston Wine & Spirits: Quincy, MA (8 wines)
Andover Liquors Inc: Andover, MA (6 wines)
The Wine Cellar of Stoneham: Stoneham, MA (6 wines)
Curtis Liquors: Weymouth, MA (5 wines)
Blanchards Wine & Spirits West Roxbury: West Roxbury, MA (4 wines)
Busa Wine & Spirits: Lexington, MA (4 wines)
Brookline Liquor Mart: Boston, MA (3 wines)
Bauer Wines: Boston, MA (1 wine)
Gordon's Wines and Liquors: Waltham, MA (1 wine)
Select Liquors: Allston, MA (1 wine)

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