Careers at Second Glass

Working At Second Glass

We’re updating wine for a new generation of consumers. Millennials (marketing speak for 21-35 year olds) now represent 40% of the volume and 50% of the spend in the US wine industry but wine marketing and wine retail is still stuck in the 1970s. “Notes of raspberry and cherry with an herbaceous finish…” what the hell does that even mean? The only way this industry is going to change and adapt to a new segment of consumers is if we change it ourselves.

    Enter Wine Riot. What started as a series of events in our apartments and the basements of wine stores turned into a national series of events that sell 25,000 tickets annually. We’ve won awards and been cited by most major publication but events were only the beginning. We have our eyes set on larger goals and the next step is wine retail.
    Help us reinvent wine retail for a new generation of wine drinkers that want to better understand the world, travel to amazing places, and share their experiences with friends and loved ones. It’s not just about what is poured into the glass but how it came to be, where it came from, who made it, and why they made it. We’re sharing those stories and creating an environment for consumers to learn, explore, and discover the world all via tasty beverages.

    We’re looking for people that share the following values

    • You believe anything is possible
    • Big companies are fine but they’re not for you
    • You value creativity, design and making things look amazing
    • You are excited about the doors and opportunities data can provide
    • Your standards are so high they would have made Steve Jobs blush
    • You smell a wine revolution brewing and you are ready to lead the charge
    • You are excited to use travel, culture, history, politics and experience to build on the story of wine