Events Intern

Events Intern


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The IDEAL Second Glass Intern would:

  • LOVE drinking wine and learning more about it
  • LOVE interacting with people both online and in person at events
  • Have a passion for events and solving problems creatively
  • Be very motivated and able to work independently
  • Possess great communication skills
  • Think outside the box and be able to take ideas from totally different companies/products/systems and be able to apply them to the world of wine
  • Be excited to work in a non-traditional, laid back office — but still be highly productive
  • Be very flexible and able to change directions or projects if need be on the turn of a dime (such is the way start-ups work)
  • Be excited to execute a large event with over 2,000 people in about 4 months
  • Have creative ideas you want to share!
  • MUST be 21+

Tasks will include:

Event Planning

  • Help manage deadlines leading up to April 22nd and 23rd
  • Organize and manage event details
  • Run day of the event on the ground organization

Volunteer/Winery Management

  • Help organize volunteers for the day of the event and times to meet with them beforehand
  • Work with winery representatives to organize wines being poured at the event

Social Media

  • Facebook, Yelp,, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • Event promotion through these sites
  • We are constantly posting info to help keep people interested so part of your job will be helping us manage all the sites and keep up to date!


  • Blogging in Press Release form on our website (when we have news or big events)
  • Researching and contacting Press reps and wineries about the event and making sure its covered before and after the event occurs

Creative Marketing

  • Right now we are a start-up so we have very limited marketing funds – there is a marketing budget, but we are always thinking of creative of of the box ways to promote the event
  • Working with local media business partners for co-promotion of the event

This is a semester-long internship; 15–20 hours per week. This is an unpaid internship, but you can receive school credit and you will be “paid” in wine and tickets to our events.

How to Apply

To apply fill out our Webform Intern” in the title.